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UIL Blending Solution Flavour Portfolio

The table below provides a snapshot of the current portfolio of flavours produced by UIL Blending Solutions:

Product Name Code


Natural Non Natural (EU legislation) Typical Applications
Mature Cheddar & Onion Seasoning NPF5100 Powder Y   Snacks
Tomato & Basil Seasoning NPF5098 Powder Y   Snacks/Crispbreads
Worcester Sauce Seasoning NPF5044 Powder Y   Snacks
Rosemary and Onion Seasoning NPF5040 Powder Y   Snacks
Chicken and Thyme Seasoning NPF5038 Powder Y   Snacks
Thai Sweet Chilli Seasoning NPF5041 Powder Y   Snacks
Fruity Curry Seasoning NPF5071 Powder Y   Snacks
Hot Dog & Tomato Ketchup Seasoning NPF5072 Powder   Y Snacks
Pulled Pork in BBQ Sauce Seasoning NPF5077 Powder   Y Snacks
Salt & Malt Vinegar Seasoning NPF5084 Powder   Y Snacks
Salsa Seasoning NPF5082 Powder   Y Snacks/Crispbreads
Salsa Seasoning NPF5042 Powder Y   Snacks
Steak Fajita Seasoning NPF5068 Powder   Y Snacks
Cheese & Beans on toast Seasoning NPF5067 Powder Y   Snacks
Garlic and Onion Seasoning NPF5104 Powder Y   Snacks
Pesto Seasoning NPF5045 Powder Y   Snacks
Smokey BBQ Seasoning NPF5101 Powder   Y Snacks
Dry Roast Savoury Seasoning OL NPF5129 Powder Y   Peanuts
Dry Roast Savoury Seasoning NPF5128 Powder   Y Peanuts
Chicken with sage & onion Flavour NPF5091 Powder Y   Snacks/Gravy Granules/Stuffing mix
Onion Flavour NPF5120 Powder Y   Gravy Granules
Chicken Flavour NPF5032 Powder Y   Gravy Granules
Chicken Flavour NPF5029 Powder   Y Gravy Granules
Meat Flavour NPF5021 Powder   Y Gravy Granules
Meat Flavour NPF5023 Powder Y   Gravy Granules
Meat Flavour NPF5028 Powder   Y Gravy Granules
Beef Flavour NPF5027 Powder Y   Gravy Granules
Vegetable Flavour NPF5009 Powder Y   Gravy Granules
Vegetable Flavour NPF5015 Powder   Y Gravy Granules
Vegetable Flavour NPF5030 Powder   Y Gravy Granules
Cheese Flavour NPF5090 Powder   Y Instant Cheese Sauce Granules
Roast Beef Flavour NPF5046 Powder   Y Pet Biscuits and Food
Beef Flavour NPF5047 Powder   Y Pet Biscuits and Food
Chicken Flavour NPF5048 Powder   Y Pet Biscuits and Food
Gouda Cheese Flavour NPF5069 Powder   Y Cheese Toppings
Gouda Cheese Flavour NPF5070 Powder   Y Cheese Toppings
Beef Flavour *725 Liquid   Y Savoury application
Blue Cheese Flavour  *1019 Liquid   Y Snacks/Cheese biscuits
Cheddar Cheese Flavour CL51127 Liquid   Y Snacks/Cheese biscuits
Cheese Flavour CL52224 Liquid   Y Snacks/Cheese biscuits
Gouda Cheese Flavour CL51124 Liquid   Y Snacks/Cheese biscuits
Parmesan Cheese Flavour CL53394 Liquid   Y Snacks/Cheese biscuits
Butter TLK Liquid   Y Margarine

Quality at UIL Blending Solutions

Quality is extremely important to us at UIL Blending Solutions. As well as being BRCGS Certified for food safety we are members of the BCMPA Trade Association.

For more information, visit Quality and Affiliations.

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