UIL Blending Solutions Joins the UK Flavour Association

Created: Tuesday, 13 May 2014 14:34

ukflavours logoFor a number of months, UIL Blending Solutions have been developing their work in the flavour sector, and with an established base of 'reaction flavours', they are now an experienced producer of snack, culinary and pet food flavours. In support of this work, and to increase their profile in the industry, UIL Blending Solutions joined the UK Flavour Association in February of this year.

The UK Flavour Association represents the interests of the flavouring industry across the UK, dealing with legislations and the technical needs of the industry. It is active in Europe through its membership of the European Flavour Association, EFFA, which in turn is a member of the International Organisation of the Flavouring Industry (IOFI) - representing the industry on a global basis.

For more information on UIL Blending Solutions' work in the flavour sector, visit our Flavours page.